Monday, March 8, 2010

Some suggestions for an improved Cashflow 101 game

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog.

Today's post is dedicated to a great Financial Education game: Cashflow 101 by Robert Kiyosaki.

After having played a few sessions of Cashflow 101, I realized there's something missing in the board: Financial education.

Here are a few ideas to improve the Cashflow 101 game:

* Financial education cards.
And add a set of "financial education" cards. Rich dad poor dad readers get a free financial education card. Financial education cards allow you to find better deals (i.e. you can reduce the downpayment for an offer, or perhaps increase the cashflow by 10, 20 or 50 dollars) or perhaps make a deal without having to roll the dice. Wait, why not make the last one a separate card.

* Opportunity plus cards.
An opportunity plus card allows you to make a deal without having to roll the dice (costs 2 turns). Useful when you're approaching a "doodad" square and want to make an investment first.

* Financial Education quizzes
Perhaps the cards could contain a basic question, and if the question is answered right, the user gets an "opportunity plus" card.

* Specialized investment cards.
If you answer a Financial Education quizz, you're allowed to purchase specialized investment cards (for a price). These cards represent books, magazines and mentors' advice on a deal of your choice: Real Estate, Businesses, Stock investments (I've seen these in the Cashflow 202 game). With these cards, you can choose what kind opportunity to search for (it must match the specialized investment card you have): Real estate (choose between house / apartment capital gains, real estate cashflow, or farm lands to sell later), royalties (book / software / movie / recording / patent), or small businesses (direct marketing / startup).

. To make things interesting, you must roll a 4 or greater to find the deal of your choice. If you roll a 3 or less, you find no deal.

* "Wisdom" cards. These cards represent financial advise and serenity against doodads. As some doodads can really be expensive, purchasing these cards allow you to save yourself from spending your money on a doodad. You can play this card when landing on a doodad. If you play this card, lose 3 turns.

* Health insurance cards. We should add some medical emergency doodads to the board, and of course, allow people to pay for insurance. This will make the game more exciting.

And now that I think of it, why not add some "entrepreneur" module for Cashflow? (say, Cashflow 303?). You make your own startup, and add some rules based on the B/I triangle. When your company goes public, people in the rat race can purchase your stock.

Well, these are a few ideas that I think would enrich the Cashflow 101 game. I hope that if Robert Kiyosaki likes them, perhaps we can see them in a later edition of the game.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Making money out of flying pantsu

If you're an avid anime watcher, perhaps you have read of the fanservice-filled anime called "Sora no Otoshimono". It's basically "boy meets girl", well actually "boy meets magical girl who happens to be a cybernetic angel that can grant him unlimited wishes" plus "hilarity ensues".

What is curious about this anime, is the ending theme, which features flying panties in what seems to be a touching piece of art about world peace... or something.

So far, so good, right?

Wrong. A guy took the design of those flapping paper planes and modified it so it would use pantsu-shaped paper. The result can be seen below:

But it seems that the idea was too great to stay as a single garage project. Just a few days ago we see a whole website announcing the mass sale of these "flying panties", selling for 1000 yen each. And behold, they will be holding an event this March 6th. Panties will come in two models: Colored stripes, and colored dots.

I can just imagine how many "flying pantsu" the guys will be able to sell. Knowing how Otakus are able to buy all the DVDs for Endless Eight, I can predict that the company will make millions of yens in only one day.

Sounds perfect for a mastercard commercial, don't you think?

Thursday, January 21, 2010



(An interpretation of the song "Under Moebius" under the light of "disappearance")

By Rick.

Under the moebius strip of time and space, two worlds have now collided.
One world has just been vanished, while another one is born.
The girl that wasn't, now exists,
The smile that wasn't, now screams.

Chaos is spread, a man's poor mind is upside down.
He hunts for madness, that's his reason, for the world has now gone mad.
His fears alive, the boogeyman is now behind his back.
But fear is only inside his mind. The cat is mute, the magic's gone.

In the labyrinth of madness, a light shines upon the man.
Collect all keys. Your chance is slim, and time is short.
The keys are found, enjoy your triumph. Now, here, or there?
You must now choose. Stay, go back? In three, two, one.

Madness has come back, and all is fine. But normal must stay away, do not come back!
I must go back to the moebius, to be precise, just at the core.
Tell me the answer, oracle, tell me, please kill my doubts.
Who will do this? Name me the one, who'll turn the world from inside out?

Armed with knowledge and "rewind", we must now go.
What will be the outcome of this race? Who will win? Us, or it?
Naked feet walk on the snowy road, all is cold, and they're not seen.
Now, there's the thief! But it can't be, the thief is her... yes, it's herself.

Under the möebius strip of time and space, two worlds have now collided.
One world has just been vanished, while another one is born.
The girl that wasn't, now exists,
The smile that wasn't, now screams.

A frightened girl wakes up in time. A gun is aimed, and tears are shed.
The poor girl thinks, it's all gone mad! What's going on? And you, why you?
Why she woke up, she doesn't know. She knows one thing: "Don't want to die!"
I'm glad you're here. But not like this. Don't kill me, of all, not you!

A knife is thrust, and blood is shed. The boogeyman has saved the little girl.
What have you done? You've killed my love! I want to die, just kill me, please.
The boogeyman is vanished, but how, and when? Facing her savior, the girl is thinking, "it can't be."
What am I doing in here? Who are you? Answer me, who are you then? Are you myself?

The savior picks the gun, and now proceeds. The girl thinks, screaming, who are you!?
At the core of the moebius, the world is safe, and smiles are lost. It was my choice.
The frightened little girl is calm again, but hesitates. Explain to me, what's going on?
Her other self does not respond. Why won't you talk? Because I won't.

Under the moebius strip of time and space, two worlds have now collided.
One world has just been vanished, the first one is now reborn.
The girl that wasn't, now exists,
The smile that screamed, inside, lone, cries...