Thursday, August 6, 2009

Endless Eight finally ends!


(Image courtesy of 4chan)

After 8 horrifying and shameful repeats of practically the same episode, Endless Eight finally arrives to a conclusion!

(WARNING: Spoilers ahead)

How does it end? Well, Kyon finally gets the guts and yells that he hasn't finished his homework. In front of Haruhi, he asks the rest of the brigade if they haven't done theirs. He starts planning, and Haruhi gets upset at him taking the lead, so she helps them finish their homework (she already finished hers, so she got to play videogames with Kyon's sister).

(Sorry for the bad quality image, this snapshot was taken from a low-resolution raw).

After Haruhi was finally satisfied with the summer vacations, Kyon (and most important, Nagato) could finally wake up on September the 1st. Yay!

What's next? Disappearance?

The next question is whether we'll have only one Sighs episode (the making of the adventures of Asahina Mikuru) and then we can witness the long-awaited Disappearance Arc, with only four episodes left for the new season, or if we'll have to bear with 5 episodes for Sighs.

Whatever the result is, we can only be sure of one thing: Disappearance will have to be aired, AND have top-notch quality. Otherwise, heads will start rolling at Kadokawa.

Update: Continuity error? (in a time loop? HAH!)

I just spotted a continuity error. In previous episodes of Haruhi, Kyon's alarm clock RANG. With a bell. In this episode, Kyon's alarm clock BEEPED!

Maybe I'm the first one to spot this subtle difference?

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Haruhi Suzimiya said...

Endless Eight is a epic arc and not a troll. I love E8