Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi: Light Novels review

Here's a small "What I read / expected / got" image I made for TheSomethingAwful forums.

I have to say I finally finished reading the translated novels, up to chapter 9 (yes, all of it.

Frankly, I expected the same thing I saw in the TV series: A twisted kind of humor about a spoiled little brat (Haruhi) who kept making Kyon's life more annoying everyday (hence, the snapshot). What I got was so awesome I couldn't describe it, so I used a screenshot of Star Wars, but still that's an understatement. Perhaps a video would explain it far better:

Yet another Mikuru Beam Parody

Yup, that's how awesome it was. See, Episode 00 of the Adventures of Asahina Mikuru was just the movie. Knowing Haruhi, the world was turned upside down during the filming of the movie, and kyon was, as usual, in the middle of it. Also, the Mikuru Beam became real. That's why Nagato had to throw Mikuru to the floor. Interesting enough?


I happened to read "the disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi" (the 4th novel) and we get transported to a world where Haruhi didn't have superpowers and everyone was normal - including Nagato. But there was something different with this Nagato: She showed emotions. Anyway, Kyon gets back to the normal world (or he sets the world back to normal ;-) ), and see the first glimpses of Nagato showing emotions.

The first one: "Thank you".

Later in the novels, I witnessed something much more awesome. Nagato faced her self in a past timeplane (they traveled to the past with Mikuru's help).

Past Nagato: Request Synchronization.
Present Nagato: ...
Past Nagato: Request Synchronization.
Present Nagato: Denied.
Past Nagato: ... why?
Present Nagato: Because I don't want to.

So, trust me when I say this to you: READ THE NOVELS!

You learn much more about Mikuru, Nagato, Koizumi, the Organization, Tsuruya-san, and the SOS brigade's enemies (yes, there are enemies now!)

My current thoughts right now are the anxiety for the Season 2 of the Haruhi TV series. Will they arrive this year? I really hope so.

In the meantime, we can enjoy the Haruhi-chan TV series made by Kadokawa for youtube! :) Imagine a mix of Lucky Star and Haruhi, remembering that the actress who voices Konata is the same who voices Haruhi! Hilarity ensues :D

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