Sunday, March 1, 2009

Amazon + 360 game + intl shipping + clumsiness = ARGH!

Last week something happened that really irritated me. Someone broke an XBOX 360 game that I had purchased online (with LOTS of difficulties).

The game? Guilty Gear 2: Overture. At first I had tried to purchase it through Amazon. No problem there, right? Wrong.

First difficulty: Export restrictions.

There was an export restriction that prevented Amazon from sending me the game directly.

So what did I do? I happened to have a US address so that they could send the package there. It's one of those international services that help you get packages sent to you across the border (legally). Normally it's not easy to get those, because you need to go to the U.S. embassy to sign some bureaucracy papers. A relative of mine happened to have one, so I used that instead.

Second difficulty: Shipping expenses.

Everyone would think shipping would have no problems. But I ended up spending over $150 in shipping for a stupid game. Wanna know how much the game costs? Less than $30. Obviously something VERY WRONG is going on.

Third difficulty: I can't send the package directly to my friend.

As if that wasn't hard enough, I needed to receive the package where I live, because that's a restriction of the international delivery service. Guess what, I had to wait at home to check if the package arrived. What would happen if nobody was home when the package arrived? Fortunately, my parents were home the day the package arrived. But that was a rare case.

What happens next? I have to send the package to my friend, and spend another $30 sending the package to my friend (we don't live in the same city).

The whole transaction took over 2 months.

The next week... my friend was playing the game with one of his pals, when the XBOX 360 fell, and the game got terribly scratched.

I can't ask for a replacement because that doesn't apply to international orders. So I wasted over three hundred dollars total.

What about backups? Now, if the XBOX 360 allowed one to make backups of their games so that they don't get scratched in an accident, everyone would be happy. but oh, no! Piracy!!! Gasp! We need to protect our billionaire investments!

And still, my friend insists that he wants to get ANOTHER copy. Original of course. (I still don't understand why can't we purchase a pirated version of the game, *IF* we could get one. It's for ONE person, only ONE license is needed, right?)

This is the reason why I don't support the videogame industry - or the music or film industries. They don't care about backups. They don't care about replacing your broken discs (even if making one of them costs only one cent). They just care about their money. They're RIPPING US OFF, and then they treat us like criminals.

Well, there's NO WAY IN HELL that I'm going through all that again! Want to get a game? Get some patience and wait for the game to get sold in here. Then, TAKE CARE OF IT!

The whole videogames industry is just a mafia. Export restrictions, anti-backup ("anti-piracy") measures, overinflated prices... I'm sick tired of it. I'm glad I already sold my PS2 and the games I had purchased (first-sale doctrine, hurray!). And I don't plan to purchase another console for me (or for anybody else) EVER.

Congratulations, Microsoft! Your just lost a valuable customer!

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beer said...

and look at us. we can pretty much go to our local market and buy any game at 1/10 of the price. i guess it is us that has made the gaming industry so paranoid.