Saturday, February 21, 2009

YouMute: Destroying creativity online.

Saturday morning. I recline on my chair to enjoy the delicacies of online audiovisual creativity. I grab the rounded pointing device and control the imaginary arrow known as "mouse pointer" to start up the bookmarks on Firefox.

Today I feel in a good mood, so I thank heavens for allowing me to enjoy the synaptic interconnection between different people in an act known as "video art". To my dismay, there's something wrong. The artist has been muted. What can an artist do without his voice?

I'm talking about youtube muting videos online. My inner peace is gone thanks to the putrid greed that the Warner Media Group, Sony and Universal show. They don't care about artists. They just care about money.

It's no wonder they call themselves "Recording Industry Association of America" instead of "Music Industry Association". Because music implies art. And this is not about art. This is about expoiting random bands, getting all the money that they earned from their hard work, and creating a phantom enemy: Piracy.

It's all a lie. There is no lost sales due to piracy. It's a myth. And the RIAA has kept earning money all along, but they want to make more. So they create in their twisted and retorted minds this make-believe villain.

"ZOMG, teens are steeling our songs from youtubezorz!!!111"

So they start muting the videos created by people, like you or me - videos that took hours, if not WHOLE days to make. What about the effort of those people? They're not asking for money. They just want to express their feelings with everyone in the form of music and video.

That is what youtube used to provide. Creativity meant that you could use someone else's works to create something new and make it 10 times better than the original. This is what remixing is.

But not anymore. The big media groups are demanding to be paid for every single time their song is heard on an online video. It doesn't matter if it's just a small fraction of the video. They shut it down.

This is the end result: Creative expression being completely destroyed.

Because YouTube are shooting themselves in the foot. They're turning from something like this:

(If the video was removed, it was an excellent AMV made by ZephyrStar - the video took him A WHOLE YEAR to make)

Into this:

(A stupid backyard injury)

IF YOU LOVE ART, PLEASE BOYCOTT THE RIAA. If they mute us, they deserved to be muted, too! (Oh, and now that you're at it, boycott youtube, too. It won't take too long before they become a piece of crap)