Saturday, January 17, 2009

I hate the RIAA.

Alright, ladies and gentleman, here comes X, the greatest Guitar Hero ever!

And now he's gonna interpret you your favorite song, Y!


- Wait a minute, where's the song?
- No song. The RIAA accused uploaders of piracy.
- Oh c'mon man, I own the f'ing song!
- Rules are rules.
- But it's FAIR USE! I just want to play the damn song on Frets on Fire!
- Sorry, no official download. You'll have to wait 60 seconds and try again using rapidshare.
- Alright, screw it. I'm gonna burn the song and just download the frets file.
What? No standalone file?
Okay, I'm contacting the author... a couple of days later, I got the file.
Now, to convert the song MANUALLY.

(public boos)


And this is why I hate the RIAA.

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