Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Treason

Why, oh why.

Everything was going according to Plan. But now I feel betrayed and full of hate. Dakara, I am now inclined to take revenge. I will take revenge upon Code Geass and spoil the ending! (so you won't have to).

Okay, here goes the plot. Lelouch, a young prince that was betrayed by his father, King of Britannia, swears to destroy Britannia no matter the costs. This happened when he was a refugee in Japan - which was invaded by Britannia with superior technology.

SOMEHOW, Lelouch obtains a mystical power, the Geass, that gives him the ability to give any order to ANYONE, and no matter if that implies something that the victim fights against with all his/her will, the victim will obey.

Now, Lelouch uses that power to take revenge upon Britannia, using the alias of Zero. The 23 most epic anime episodes you could ever watch, take place. This is even better than Death Note. Or is it...?

Near the end, Lelouch's sister, princess Euphemia, starts a new era of peace by declaring the central part of Japan as a special protectorate where no discrimination will happen.

Lelouch is defeated in his purpose of revenge, but he agrees. Then, this is where things get nasty. He tells Euphie about his power. "If I was to order you... to kill all the Japanese...."

And guess what happens? The Geass goes out of control, and Euphie, who had fought against discrimination, begins killing all the Japanese!. Lelouch has to kill her, and now his best friend (who was in love with Euphie) is going to take revenge upon him.

So... this is what I want to say to the creators of this anime.

YOU RUINED IT YOU BASTARDS!!! Code Geass was about to become my *NEW* favorite anime, and you f***ed up it in five minutes!

How exactly do I feel? Like the ending of "Planet of the apes" (the original one, not Tim Burton's mockery).

I'll quote.

You finally really did it...

Yes, that's how I feel. To the readers: Do yourselves a favor, and DON'T WATCH THIS SERIES. Ugh.
I want my money back!

P.S. Just in case you didn't get it... Code Geass sucks! (Yes, I admit it, I just typed it to increase the blog rankings :P ) Hey look, 408 results, yay!

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